God Floods Earth, yet Preserves Ark-Borne Humans and Animals: Exegetical and Geological Notes on Genesis Chapter 7 (Open Access)


This multidisciplinary research paper examines Genesis Chapter 7, which reports a critical timeframe during the global Flood. This study includes a verse-by-verse expository commentary on the original Hebrew text, in conjunction with integrating geological insights, gleaned from a newly compiled multi-continental database of stratigraphic columns. The analytical result is a data-based Genesis Flood model that connects the sedimentary rock record to historical highlights in Genesis Chapter 7’s Flood narrative, with special attention to Flood Days 1, 40, and 150. We conclude that the Flood initiated on Day 1 with the bursting of the fountains of the great deep. The Flood-water continued to rise thereafter until it reached the Ark on Day 40, causing it to float freely. Between days 40 and 150, the water progressively rose until it reached its zenith, covering the highest hills by 15 cubits, where Chapter 7 ends.