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Each membership category requires agreement with the CRS statement of belief (subscriptions do not). Since the CRS is a scientific society governed by scientists, voting membership requires an earned postgraduate degree in a recognized area of science. All remaining categories are non-voting. For those who have an interest in origins but lack the advanced science degree, sustaining membership is available.


Senior Memberships

Senior memberships (voting or sustaining members who are age 65 or older) are available at reduced rates. These memberships include are identical to their regular counterparts but at a better rate.

Student membership

Any full-time students (high school, university, or graduate school) are eligible for our student membership with our printed and paperless options. Also checkout the Future Leaders Program, where students can have their membership automatically sponsored by our membership.

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Life membership is a one-time fee that covers all the dues for the lifetime of one member.


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Do you agree with the Statement of Belief below?

1. The Bible is the written Word of God, and because it is inspired throughout, all its assertions are historically and scientifically true in the original autographs. To the student of nature this means that the account of origins in Genesis is a factual presentation of simple historical truths.

2. All basic types of living things, including man, were made by direct creative acts of God during the Creation Week described in Genesis. Whatever biological changes have occurred since Creation Week have accomplished only changes within the original created kinds.

3. The great flood described in Genesis, commonly referred to as the Noachian Flood, was an historic event worldwide in its extent and effect.

4. We are an organization of Christian men and women of science who accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The account of the special creation of Adam and Eve as one man and one woman and their subsequent fall into sin is the basis for our belief in the necessity of a Savior for all mankind. Therefore, salvation can come only through accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior.

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The Creation Research Society is a professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation. The Society was organized in 1963 by a committee of ten like-minded scientists, and has grown into an organization with worldwide membership.

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Can I be a member if I don't have a degree?

Yes! Any person who agrees with our position statement is able to be a member.

Can I present at the CRS annual conference if I'm not a voting member?

Yes! Every member has the ability to submit an abstract and present it at the CRS conference. But, all presentations must be sponsored by a voting member as an author or nonauthor.

Can I receive print copies of the publications?

Yes! We've made an effort to keep the ability to receive print copies of our publications. (Postage rates may apply).

Are there any opportunities for student membership?

CRS is currently offering a special opportunity for Student memberships, where students receive free online access to the electronic editions of the CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters, in addition to other member benefits. For details, visit our Future Leaders Sponsorship Program page. If, however, students wish to receive the printed versions they can opt for our student membership discount.

What is included in an annual membership?

Membership in the CRS includes subscriptions to both the Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ; 4 issues per year) and the Creation Matters popular publication (usually bimonthly). All memberships begin with the first issue (Summer) of the current volume of the CRSQ and continue through the fourth issue (Spring). Those who join after the publication of the Summer issue, and prior to the publication of the Spring issue the following year, will receive all back issues of the current volume. Members also receive exclusive online access to the latest publications, and to all past CRSQ Journal issues that are not available to the public. Access is also available to CRSnet, an email reflector for discussing origins-related topics among members. Members also receive significant discount pricing for the CRS annual conference and for the online store. Browse the store to see the savings you will get off the regular price.

Can an institution receive access to the publications?

Yes, they can receive print versions of the publications, but cannot receive online access. Institutions (such as schools, libraries, churches, etc.), may obtain a non-member subscription to the CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters.

Can I subscribe without agreeing to the position statement?

Yes, Individuals who cannot in good conscience agree with the statement of belief can subscribe to view and receive all the publications. The other member benefits such as discounts are not available.