Van Andel Creation Research Center

The Creation Research Society Is Moving

The Creation Research Society is moving our operation center and research laboratories to the campus of Arizona Christian University, Glendale, AZ. The new facility will provide the Society with:

  • Modern research laboratory
  • Modern office space
  • High-profile location and increased visibility for the Society
  • Increased laboratory space
  • Easily accessible walk-in bookstore


The Creation Research Society established the current Van Andel Creation Research Center (VACRC) in north-central Arizona for the purpose of aiding the Society and other visiting scientists in their research efforts. The Society encourages a broad spectrum of research to develop and test a creation model, and administers a research grant program whereby modest funds are distributed to qualified researchers for the conduct of creation-related research.

The Van Andel Creation Research Center is located on five acres fronting U.S. Highway 89, five miles north of Chino Valley, Arizona. This well-situated property is in the desert grasslands of the upper Sonoran biological province and the geological transition zone of Northern Arizona. It is surrounded by a large number of interesting volcanic features and is located close to the heavily-mineralized areas of Mingus and Bradshaw Mountains. The Mogollon Rim, eight miles to the north, marks an abrupt change from the Colorado Plateau to the transition zone of North Central Arizona. The property is about a mile from the confluence of several major drainage areas and the headwaters of the Upper Verde River.

The Van Andel Creation Research Center is strategically located in or near a very large variety of biological and geological areas of great importance to the creationist position. The Grand Canyon, just two hours to the north, is perhaps the most geologically interesting area in the U.S. A wide variety of biological habitats is relatively easy to access from the Research Center. Both high altitude montane communities and Sonoran Desert Saguaro cactus communities are within a two-hour drive.


Additional Information

For additional information about the CRS Van Andel Research Center, contact us at, by phone at 928-636-1153, or by mail at:

CRS Van Andel Creation Research Center
6801 N Highway 89
Chino Valley, AZ 86323-9186