Towards a More Realistic Young-Earth Ice Sheet Model A Shallow, Isothermal Ice Dome with a Frozen Base


In 1976 M.W. Mahaffy published a simple model for an ice sheet which allowed for time-varying accumulation rates and which did not make the usual steady state assumption that the ice sheet has a constant height. For this reason his model should be of interest to creation researchers, who could conceivably use it to model the rapid growth of a post-Flood ice sheet. This paper explains the theory and assumptions behind Mahaffy’s model, as well as mathematician Ed Bueler’s clever solution for the case of a shallow ice dome with a frozen base, resting on level ground. The results from the Mahaffy/Bueler solution are compared with the results from Larry Vardiman’s ice sheet model, and limitations of the Mahaffy model are discussed, as are the logical next steps in creation ice core research. 


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