One Race, One Blood


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Ken Ham and A. Charles Ware, 2010, Master Books, 179 pages.

The history of the human race has included a number of tragic events; ethnic cleansing, genocide, slavery, and racism. Many of these actions and attitudes have their roots in the unbiblical teachings that some groups of humans are superior to others, that God created the different races, and that some so-called “races” are a judgment from God. More recently, Darwinian evolution fueled such prejudicial thinking with claims that some “races” are more evolutionarily advanced than others. One Blood shows how many of our prejudices and attitudes are unbiblical. In fact, since all humans are descended from the same original parents (Adam and Eve) we are all the same race and are all related. From God’s perspective, there is no such things as racial purity or racial superiority. In fact, from strictly a biological perspective, there is no such thing as races.