The Last Pillars of Darwinian Evolution Falsified: Further Evidence Proving Darwinian Evolution Wrong


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Jerry Bergman, 2022, Westbow Press, 249 pages.

The first book, titled "The Three Major Pillars of Darwinism Demolished", has falsified abiogenesis (the origin of life itself from non-life) mutations as the ultimate source of all genetic variety, and natural selection, which culls that variety to produce all life on Earth. This volume evaluated other major ‘evidences’ for Darwinian evolution, which have also been refuted by empirical science. These minor pillars are convergent evolution, homology, endosymbiosis, and the antibiotic resistance claim for evolution. It also shows the attempts to refute the irreducible complexity problem have failed and, likewise, co-option cannot explain the evolution of complex features seen in the natural world. In short, an objective review of the published peer-reviewed evidence in secular scientific journals has falsified Darwinian evolution.