The Three Pillars of Evolution Demolished: Why Darwin was Wrong


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Jerry Bergman, 2022, Westbow Press, 357 pages.

The three pillars of evolution, defined as progression from simple molecules to humans, are the origin of life and genetic damage called mutations selected by natural selection. Dr. Bergman documents that the peer reviewed scientific literature has demolished these central pillars of evolution, specifically the origin of life from non-life and the source of genetic variety called mutations honed by natural selection. As genetic research of life has been shown to be increasingly more complex, life from nonlife by natural means is now no longer feasible. Furthermore, most all mutations are partly or wholly deleterious and natural selection serves primarily to reduce the deterioration of life, not evolve life to greater levels of complexity as evolution postulates. In short. the naturalistic evolutionary theory first expounded by Charles Darwin has been falsified by scientific research.