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Wilbert H. Rusch, Sr. 1991, 2013. Creation Research Society Monograph Series No. 5. Creation Research Society Books, 118 pages.

The author carefully explains how an acceptance of evolutionism completely destroys one's ability to rely on Scripture. Definitions are given for many of the terms needed to understand the battle for the minds of men in this area. The Scripturally-related concepts discussed are the doctrine of God, the doctrine of the Holy Scriptures, verbal inspiration, concept of miracles, the nature of man, doctrine of original sin, and the Flood. In addition to the Scriptural applications, Rusch also explores such scientific concepts as evidences for the Flood, the species problem, fossils, design, and the origin of life. This is a companion volume to Monograph No. 3, The Argument: Creationism Vs. Evolutionism.