Speak to the Earth: Creation Studies in Geoscience


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Edited by George F. Howe. 1975. Creation Research Society, 463 pages.

Containing 26 geoscience papers published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly from June 1969 to March 1974, this volume is a valuable tool for those who wish to study historical geology from a creationist and catastrophist vantage. It demonstrates that creationists have performed experiments and that they have in fact carried out "creation research" in earth science. Included among the authors are Steve Austin, Clifford Burdick, Frank Cousins, Wilbert Rusch, Walter Peters, Henry Morris, Thomas Barnes, Harold Slusher, Robert Whitelaw, George Mulfinger, and Emmett Williams. Among the topics presented are paleontology, Flood geology (catastrophism), geological studies indicating a young earth, astronomy, and thermodynamics. This book is an ideal reference work for the creationist geologist.