Mathematics: The Language of Creation - ebook


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YUK! That’s the reaction that many have to the subject of mathematics. This book, however, is not intended to teach basic math. Rather, the authors have striven to illustrate the prevalence of mathematical concepts throughout the creation, such that it can truly be said that mathematics is “the language of creation.” The book is a collection of 57 short essays that first appeared in Creation Matters, a publication of the Creation Research Society (CRS). Many of the articles have been updated.

Can dogs perform calculus? Are there math errors in the Bible? Is there a Bible code? Is the number “13” unlucky? Who were some of the mathematics pioneers who were also dedicated Christians? Are there no two snowflakes that are alike? Can one calculate the probability of life on other planets? These and many other subjects are explored. Don B. DeYoung is a graduate of Michigan Tech University (B.S., M.S.), Iowa State University (Ph.D., physics), and Grace Theological Seminary (M. Div.). Don is professor of math and physics at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana. Dr. DeYoung, who is currently president of the Board of Directors of the CRS, has authored many books and speaks widely on Bible-science topics.

Glen W. Wolfrom, editor of Creation Matters, is a retired clinical research scientist who also serves on the CRS Board of Directors. He is a graduate of Western Illinois University (B.S., Animal Science), Southern Illinois University (M.S., Animal Industries), and Missouri University (Ph.D., Animal Nutrition). The length of the book is equivalent to a 6x9 inch book with 132 pages.