A Grand Origin for Grand Canyon - Downloadable Versions


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Michael J. Oard 2014, Creation Research Society Books (e-book), 328 pages (estimated).

The author provides a thorough evaluation of the origin of one of the Earth’s most famous icons, Grand Canyon. Citing plentiful geomorphological evidence, he attributes the canyon’s formation to events that occurred near the end of the Noachian Flood. He shows that before the canyon itself could have been eroded, thousands of feet of strata were removed by massive sheet erosion. Then he develops the hypothesis that the canyon was rapidly carved by late-Flood channelized erosion. Oard also cites evidence which demonstrates that the evolutionists’ uniformitarian ideas are very far from providing satisfactory explanations. He also examines the various creationist hypotheses, including the dam-breach hypothesis, and finds them all to be wanting.

This book is written to the level of well-educated laypersons, and is heavily referenced to provide substance for those who are more technically oriented. There are some 134 figures spread throughout its estimated 328 pages.