Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides?


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Michael J. Oard. 1997. CRS Monograph Series No. 6. Creation Research Society Books, 130 pages.

Mainstream scientists present many challenges to creationists. One of the main geological challenges are the pre-Pleistocene ice ages, which group into four main periods of geological time: 1) mid Precambrian, 2) late Precambrian, 3) late Ordovician, and 4) late Paleozoic. Their evidence consists of hardened till-like rocks associated with other "diagnostic" features sandwiched between sedimentary rocks. How can an ice age occur in Flood sediments or, as some creationists believe, in pre-Flood sediments for the Precambrian cases? Davis Young in _Christianity and the Age of the Earth_, pages 90-91, considers pre-Pleistocene ice ages one of the main geological arguments against the Genesis Flood. In this compact book, the hypothesis of pre-Pleistocene ice ages is analyzed and challenged, and an alternative is presented: gigantic submarine landslides during the catastrophic Flood.