Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth


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Larry Vardiman. 1993. Institute for Creation Research, 72 pages.

In the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, Bill Nye made several claims about the ages of ice cores proving young earth creationist's claims to be wrong. However, examining ice core data, Dr. Vardiman has drawn the strong conclusion that ice-core data can only be used to support an uninterrupted chronology of just a few thousand years. This is in direct contradiction to the standard dating model, which uses uniformitarian assumptions about precipitation rates and other related variables to date the bottom of the ice sheets as 160,000 years of age. This standard model of ice-core formation has not been able to explain several significant problems; such as errors in dating ice near the bottom of the cores, lack of correspondence between Antarctic and Greenland cores, and the sudden warming at the end of the Younger Dryas.