Notes from the Panorama of Science: The Dinosaurs of Job 40 and 41


One of the main purposes of Job is to call us to a firm belief in Creation and in the plan of the ages: that is, redemption; Paul’s preaching always began with this in the preaching of the Gospel to the Greeks and to those not understanding special creation. This integral part of Job shows that God was the Creator and Sustainer of creation. As a part of this demonstration of God’s majestic and humbling creation, Job 40 and 41 recounts a description of two now extinct and probably reptilian creatures, Behemoth and the Leviathan. Behemoth is likely a gargantuan sauropod while Leviathan is possibly a monstrous blue whale-sized ichthyosaur or mosasaur. Verse-by-verse descriptions are discussed here. Also, in this brief study, the Creation days, 5 and 6, are discussed, and important Biblical facts regarding dinosaurs (and reptilian marine beasts) are presented. These mighty fearsome beasts lead us to think of our great, terrible, and mighty God as well as our need to remember that the Lord is ever-merciful and forgiving

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