Dr. John Morris, leaving a legacy in the creation community

We in the creation community have been saddened by the loss of Dr. John Morris who passed peacefully on January 29, 2023, at the age of 76.  

Born December 7, 1946, son of Dr. Henry M. Morris Jr one of the 10 founders of CRS, Dr. John Morris followed in the footsteps of his father by becoming a member of CRS in 1988 and later became a life member in 2015. During those years Dr. John was a friend and fellow servant of Christ. Dr. John helped CRS in many ways like speaking at the CRS Conference and assisting in the IDino Project where his inspiring interview can be seen in the Echoes of the Jurassic Documentary.  

CRS Director the late Dr. Kevin Anderson and good friend Dr. John Morris

CRS Director the late Dr. Kevin Anderson and good friend Dr. John Morris

Dr John Morris spent his life furthering the Creation work, taking several trips to Mount Ararat in pursuit of Noah's ark, and sharing his knowledge and understanding with other scientists inspiring them in their work. . He also served as a leader for the Institute for Creation Research until 2020. During that time writing many influential books on geology including, The Geology Book, The Young Earth, The Fossil Record, and The Global Flood.  

In my late teens, I had a couple of opportunities to spend time with Dr. John Morris. He was one of the most humble, unpretentious, and kind persons I’ve met. Even though he was a world-renowned scientist, he would take time to talk with anyone; speaking winsomely about the Bible or his fascination with creation science, geology, and his excursion on Mt Ararat with former Apollo Astronaut Jim Irwin. We’ve lost a truly great man

- D.C. 

We have lost a good man and a humble but Valiant soldier of God. We take comfort that his fight is now over, and he now spends eternity with our Heavenly Father.