How the World’s Most Educated People Produced the Worst Holocaust in History


Nazism was fueled by highly educated and intelligent minds, establishing a confusing contradiction, since intelligent people should be able to recognize inhumane actions. This situation further revealed that Germany, as well as much of the Western world, was not exempt from the power that a non-Biblical worldview can have over even academically advanced individuals. A most significant reason that Nazi ideology was embraced by intelligent people is because the German educational system had inculcated Darwinian and Social Darwinian ideas for years prior to the Holocaust. Nazi leaders and German educators embraced them and taught them. All levels (including preschool) of German academia incorporated the study of eugenics, an indoctrination which played a crucial role in propelling the Germans toward racist ideology which ultimately lead to the justification of Holocaust horrors. While educational censorship was a reality that kept truth from being expressed, the foremost reason that Nazi ideology spread and birthed such horrendous consequences was because German leaders and "the intelligentsia" who were fueling the educational systems rejected the Bible. Nazism would not recognize the Genesis account of creation and therefore acknowledge the fact that all mankind was created in the image of God and came from one couple-Adam and Eve. As is the way of orthodox Communism, no alternative explanations were permitted-"intelligence" meant comply or be shot, persecuted, or rejected.

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