The Miracle of Jesus Walking on Water Through the Lens of Gravitational Time Dilation


Whether they are theologians, lay people, or non-believers, most have at least anecdotally heard of the miracle of Jesus walking on water. Many important lessons and insights can be gleaned from this important passage, including testimony to the identity of Jesus that bolsters belief in Him and His deity and a non-trivial display of Jesus' power over His creation. However, was God trying to convey more than just His ability to elude physics, and displaying His authority over the dimension of time and its creation? The dimension of time is an elusive and much debated dimension that is difficult to understand, and in the context of God and heaven, it is in many respects beyond human comprehension. However, as expressed by Albert Einstein, "the distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." This illusion can only be unlocked by God, and thus it was created by God. In this article, the miracle of Jesus walking on water is explored in relation to the phenomenon of gravitational time dilation; it is considered as an instance that reveals God's relation to time, as well as the complexity and awesomeness of creation in general. We show that the equations for time dilation around a massive body may serve as a model to show the independence of God from His creation of spacetime.

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