The Fossils Still Say No: Paleontology of the Global Flood

Jeffrey Tomkins. 2023. Institute for Creation Research, 130 pages (hard cover).

n 1972, Dr. Duane T. Gish, one of the original champions of modern creationism, published Evolution: The Fossils Say No, which rocked the scientific world. The book exposed deep problems in evolutionary theory, one of the most important of which is the fossil record’s pervasive lack of support for macroevolution.

Evolution implies that we should see thousands, if not millions, of transitional fossils showing a gradual change of simple creatures morphing into increasingly more complex forms. What we actually see is the sudden appearance of highly complex creatures in even the lowest rock layers.

In The Fossils Still Say No: Paleontology of the Global Flood, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins builds upon the groundwork Dr. Gish laid by integrating the fossil record with stratigraphic data. Combining up-to-date fossil evidence with ICR’s ongoing geological research, he provides a more complete picture of Flood paleontology and what it means. Join Dr. Tomkins as he sifts through the fossils layer by layer to show— yet again—that the fossils say no to evolution and yes to a progressive global flood