Contested Bones


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Christopher Rupe and John Sanford. 2017. FMS Publications, 334 pages .

Among all the evidence presented and contested in the creation/evolution debate, the fossil record of human evolution is among the most discussed and argued. Building upon previous creation classics (such as Marvin Lubenow’s Bones of Contention), the authors strive to provide a fresh look at the data. They document that many of the fossils are even contested within the evolutionary paleontology community, and provide a discussion of several recent discoveries about human genetics. The authors also give an overview of how fossils are dated, and explain many of the assumptions and common errors with such dating. Written for the informed layperson, Contested Bones contains color and black/white photos and illustrations, as well tables and figures to help convey some of the more technical information to the reader. This version is a 2nd printing that has some new revisions.