Censored Science: The Suppressed Evidence


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Bruce Malone. 2014. Search for the Truth. 111 pages (hard cover)

Full-color photography backs each page of this creationist guidebook. Fifty truths of creation are presented here, each with a "skeptics corner" to provide answers to some common objections by intellectual folks. Following questions anyone might ask in looking at the earth-"how do birds know to migrate?", "how do bees know their dance and have the ability to understand the meaning?"-this book fires right back, questioning: "how could elements evolve in dependently?" "Are mutations really ever positive?" "How could something so complicated evolve by chance?" Bringing it all back to God, this book ends with support for 6-day creation, imagining Christianity as line of dominos that will topple if the first-6-day creation-falls. Finally, an invitation for salvation is given.