The Geologic Column: Perspectives within Diluvial Geology


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John K. Reed and Michael J. Oard, Editors2006. Creation Research Society, 157 pages.

Many wonder how the evolutionary/uniformitarian geologic column fits into diluvial geology. At present, there is a remarkable diversity of original thought on this subject. Recent exchanges in the creationist literature show a tendency for various participants to talk past one another. This book has brought these different perspectives together with two goals: 1) to better define the real differences within diluvial geology, and 2) to identify the concrete issues that will provide a basis for continued research and, hopefully, future resolution. The editors went one step further by providing, at the end of most chapters, a forum with comments and responses. In addition to the editors, the other authors are: Terry Mortenson, Peter Klevberg, Carl Froede Jr., David J. Tyler, Harold G. Coffin, and Emil Silvestru. Though it may be difficult to visualize now, diluvial geology represents a major paradigm shift that holds the potential to stimulate a revolution within the earth sciences.