Mammalian Megafauna Bone Beds of North America: Agate Fossil Beds National Monument and Cita Canyon, Texas

CRSQ Summer Volume 59 Number 1


Don McClenagan

Important mammalian megafauna bone beds are located in Nebraska's Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (Agate Fossil Beds) and Cita Canyon, Texas. Similarities between these two sites are the predominance of broken and disarticulated skeletons, evidence of rapid burial, and similar sedimentary environments. The two bone beds discussed herein are interpreted as post-Flood because they appear to have been deposited in rocks that were carved into older receding phase layers. A hill about 1.5 miles (3 km) east of and at about the same stratigraphic level as the Agate Fossil Beds has yielded over 100 mummified carcasses of Stenomylus (gazelle-like camelids), apparently buried and suffocated by a sand/dust storm. Based on the site description, water did not create this deposit or alter it, indicating that the Stenomylus camelids perished after the Flood.

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