International Conference in Creationism

Cedarville University is hosting the 2023 International Conference on Creationism (ICC). To show support from the Creation Research Society (CRS), the CRS is not holding its annual conference. Our CRS members and staff are encouraged to attend and present topics at the ICC.

At the ICC the CRS will be hosting a reception (time TBD) and a vendor table. We encourage everyone to come by and see us! 

What is the ICC? 

The ICC started in 1984 by the Creation Science Fellowship in Pittsburgh PA. The goal of the conference is to provide a rigorously peer-reviewed forum for finalized creation research presentations. 

It has grown to be one of the largest creation conferences that focus on technical presentations in the world. Topics covered at past conferences have included geology, biology, and astronomy with presentations focusing on topics such as the age of the Earth, the origin of life, and the evidence for intelligent design. 

The mission of the ICC

The purpose of the ICC is to promote the development and dissemination of positive contributions to a young earth creationist model of origins and models of earth history that recognize the reality of the global Flood described in Genesis. 


The official dates are July 16th to July 19th, 2023. Other creation groups will informally meet on the 15th

Learn More on the ICC Website