Physics Evidence for God’s Current Existence and Activity Using Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity


Physics with its mathematical equations using Hooke’s Law, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, and Cauchy’s Law of Mechanics show evidence of God’s existence for the first time as a boundary value problem. Philosophical arguments for God’s existence have been based upon cosmological and ontological reasons such as those from Socrates to Thomas Aquinas. However, the evidence herein does not
invoke any aforementioned philosophical or logical arguments. Instead, a purely physics argument and the associated set of mathematical equations using the General Theory of Relativity and its use for the universe are shown as evidence that the Cauchy traction vector, t, operates on the outside of the universe, when the continuum body is assumed to be
the universe. Bible verses are presented that correlate the traction force, t, with the hand(s) of God. Finally, since the mathematical equations provide a boundary value problem and not an initial value problem, the activity of the Cauchy traction force, t, is acting now and not just in the past, thus refuting atheism and deism.

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