CRSQ 2024 Volume 60, Number 4

CRSQ Winter Volume 60 Number 3


Why Ancient Worldwide Ziggurat/Pyramid
Complexes Support the Biblical Babel Account

Anne Habermehl

Although the best-known feature of Babel in the Biblical narrative was the tower that Noah’s descendants began to build in Shinar, the Bible says that they were constructing a “city” there as well. No details are included of either the Babel city or tower. However, as this paper will show, the Tower of Babel was likely a ziggurat (stepped pyramid),
and the city that accompanied the Tower was most likely composed of temples and various other religious structures. We infer this because around the world we see many ancient pagan religious complexes consisting of ziggurats together with temples and other buildings. The archaeological similarity of these far-flung ziggurats has been noted
by many scholars, both Biblical and secular. It appears that after the Babel dispersion, far from learning their lesson when God intervened by stopping the work and confusing their language, men went on to build ziggurats and temple complexes wherever they settled all over the world. It is proposed here that these complexes were patterned after the original one that they had started to build back in Babel. These world wide pyramid complexes constitute witness to the truth of the Biblical account and are compelling archaeological support for the authenticity of the Biblical story of Babel. The rebellion against God by Noah’s descendants at Babel cannot be overestimated in its profound effects on mankind. In showing evidence for taking the Babel story literally, as in this paper, the creationist worldview is supported.


Physics Evidence for God’s
Current Existence and Activity
Using Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

M.F. Horstemeyer and T. Tenev


Physics with its mathematical equations using Hooke’s Law, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, and Cauchy’s Law of Mechanics show evidence of God’s existence for the first time as a boundary value problem. Philosophical arguments for God’s existence have been based upon cosmological and ontological reasons such as those from Socrates to Thomas Aquinas. However, the evidence herein does not
invoke any aforementioned philosophical or logical arguments. Instead, a purely physics argument and the associated set of mathematical equa-
tions using the General Theory of Relativity and its use for the universe are shown as evidence that the Cauchy traction vector, t, operates on the outside of the universe, when the continuum body is assumed to be the universe. Bible verses are presented that correlate the traction force, t, with the hand(s) of God. Finally, since the mathematical equations
provide a boundary value problem and not an initial value problem, the activity of the Cauchy traction force, t, is acting now and not just in the past, thus refuting atheism and deism.


Giantism and Delayed Maturation in Fossil Sharks:
Evidence for Extreme Longevity?

Jake Hebert

The Bible’s assertion that the Genesis patriarchs routinely experienced lifespans of hundreds of years is one of the claims in Scripture most ridiculed by skeptics. Hence, Biblical creationists should be interested in possible scientific corroboration of this claim.
Whatever factor or factors were allowing extreme human longevity inthe pre- and immediate post-Flood worlds were likely also affecting the animal kingdom, as well. Hence, it is reasonable to suspect that animal lifespans were also once much greater than they are today. In this light, we examine fossil shark data for possible evidence of extreme longevity. Paleontologists have used allometric relationships and growth rings within shark vertebrae to construct ontogenetic length-versus-age growth curves for both extinct and extant sharks. Growth curves for fossil sharks are generally too short to provide direct evidence that fossil sharks experienced much greater longevity than extant sharks, but they are sufficiently long to show that fossil sharks took longer to mature than comparable extant sharks. Longevity studies of extant animals have repeatedly shown that greater ages at skeletal and/or sexual maturity
are positively correlated with greater longevity, as are larger adult body sizes. Hence, the apparent delayed maturation and large adult body sizes of these giant fossil sharks is indirect evidence that they had much greater lifespans than extant sharks. By extension, it is partial scientific corroboration of the extreme human lifespans recorded in the earliest chapters of Genesis.


What Is the Meaning of the Floods on Mars?
Part III: Mars Floods Explained
Within Biblical Earth History

Michael J. Oard

Uniformitarian theories of Martian history present many problems.
A Biblical alternative is proposed that includes the Day-4 cratering hypothesis and Mars’ crustal magnetism. Greatly reduced magnetism in the centers of the four largest impact craters suggests that most large Mars impacts occurred during the Genesis Flood. These impacts, and subsequent volcanism generated by them, produced a climate with sufficient liquid water for the Martian floods. A young age for Mars is supported by several geological observations. Rapid flooding can explain the valley networks and the outflow channels and provide a tighter volume estimate of around a 100 m Global Equivalent Layer (GEL). The

flood water was absorbed into the subsurface and into hydrated minerals.
That temporary atmosphere disappeared as water vapor precipitated out and the atmosphere cooled. Precipitation also absorbed CO2 and SO2 which helps account for their atmospheric disappearance.


Lithification of Sediments

Part II: Field Study in the
Great Falls Coal Field, Montana

Peter Klevberg and Michael J. Oard

Recent research has produced data useful in inferring burial depths for sandstones from compaction microtextures. Burial depths can also be inferred from erosional remnants and coal rank, among other means. These methods are especially useful over generally horizontal plains when other methods are unavailable to provide minimum overburden depths. That immense amounts of erosion occurred in the study area has long been recognized, but no effective lithification model has been available whereby to estimate burial depths or diagenetic environments. In this paper, we present research from the northern Great Plains focused on sandstones in an effort to develop a semi-quantitative
lithification model for estimating initial overburden thickness (burial depth) and conditions of lithification. While development of such a model eludes us, approximations are possible and can be very helpful in studying Earth history.



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