The Heart Mountain Conundrum, Part 2: A Scientific Critique of Six Unanswered Uniformitarian Questions


By John D. Matthews*

Heart Mountain, Wyoming, USA, is a geological puzzle. “Paleozoic” carbonates overlie “much younger Mesozoic and Cenozoic” rock. The implication is that several mountain-sized blocks broke from a detachment fault and slid up to 45 km. Part 1 of this series critiqued recent models that propose low-friction cushions to move the Heart Mountain blocks. This paper compliments that study by examining how the proposed movement started and was sustained over uneven terrain via seven questions raised by uniformitarian researchers. Current models, uniformitarian and creationist, cannot explain the location of Heart Mountain as a detachment and slide. Unless fresh ideas are forthcoming, the implication that these “Paleozoic” rocks of Heart Mountain are younger, not older, than the underlying “Mesozoic” rocks needs exploring.