Using Vardiman’s Young-Earth Ice Sheet Model and a Simple Computer Code to Estimate Annual Layer Thicknesses


Unfortunately, uniformitarian models of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are currently much more sophisticated than creation models. In fact, creation researchers are about sixty years behind uniformitarian scientists in this area. There is a great need for creation researchers to develop more sophisticated ice sheet and ice core models. Creation Ice Age models predict that annual layers at given depths in the deep Greenland and Antarctic ice cores will be considerably thicker than predicted by uniformitarian models. Here I use Larry Vardiman’s 1993 analytical ice sheet model and a simple computer code to obtain estimates of annual layer thicknesses in Greenland’s Camp Century ice core. These results are admittedly of limited usefulness, but it is my hope that this paper will help lead to better creation-based ice sheet models. I also hope that it serves a pedagogical purpose in enabling future creation researchers to quickly grasp important ice sheet concepts and to avoid misconceptions.