Extraterrestrial Search


Charles McCombs*

For many years, naturalistic scientists have assumed that chemical evolution is the pathway by which life first originated. However, chemical evolution has not been able to explain how chemical reactions could have produced homochiral biomolecules outside a laboratory setting using only natural processes. The search for the origin of homochirality has presented itself as a mystery to the evolutionists because in chemistry there is no known chemical procedure or natural process that can generate new homochirality without preexisting homochirality already present. The need for preexisting homochirality to produce new homochirality and the inability of natural processes to explain the formation of new homochirality has caused evolutionists to take their search for the origin of homochirality into outer space. Some evolutionists now propose that amino acids of deep-space origin were deposited on the surface of rock fragments, irradiated, and enantiomerically enriched with circularly polarized ultraviolet light from starlight and that these newly enriched left-handed amino acids were brought to earth on meteorites. However, the evolutionary explanation for the origin of homochirality is not supported by the current scientific literature, and a critique of their proposed explanation is presented. Ultimately, the mystery of the origin of homochirality vanishes when we accept God’s creative design on life.