Editoral: There Can Be Only One


The concept of evolution is many different things. To its ardent supporters, it is one of the greatest and most illuminating scientific ideas in history. To many scientists, it is something they accept by default: it is all they have ever been taught, and it is the only idea that is acceptable in scientific circles. To the average person it is an idea they likely take as a matter of “faith” because everyone else does. To many people it is also a perspective; one The Mindset cannot imagine there is even anyone actually educated in science, conducting research in science, publishing papers in science, or winning awards in science that would not be totally committed to its version of science (i.e., evolution). they use to construct their worldview, even their culture

The concept of evolution is also one other thing: It is a mindset. It is a mindset that assumes all biological change equals Darwinian evolution. It is a mindset that assumes all biological transformations equal common descent. It is a mindset that assumes the earth is billions of years old because evolution requires the earth to be billions of years old. It is The Mindset that requires that all observations be interpreted through the framework of evolution.