The Universe in Near Real Time and the Light Time Effect


Ronald G. Samec and Bruce Oliver

At the 2009 CRS conference (Lancaster, SC), Steve Miller presented a paper entitled, “Universe in Near Real Time.” This paper suggests the possibility that the astronomical universe is actually being observed in near real time. Miller gives scriptural evidence for this proposal in Revelation 8:12. He envisions an envelope surrounding the solar system in which light travels at velocity c. But outside this envelope the speed is nearly infinite. Observationally, it is readily seen that the light-time effect refutes this idea. We cite observations from the literature as well as our recent observations of FY Bootis, a very shortperiod binary, which displays a sinusoidal orbital light-time effect (an O-C curve). The light-time effect in this system is due to a close binary orbited by a third body. If the scenario of the “Universe in Near Real Time” were true, the O-C curve should be a straight line fit instead of a sinusoid and we could not make the determination given here. This is an example of how real astronomical observations can aid the creation community in testing proposed models, and it stresses our need for our own professional creationary astronomical observatory.