A Case of “Missing” Decay An Analysis of C-14 Detected in Very Old Samples


Rick Sanders*

Carbon-14 has historically been extremely useful for archeologists and Quaternary geologists. The recent development of accelerator mass spectrometry has dramatically improved the precision of the method. However, this new capability has raised questions. Many supposedly “ancient” carbon samples contain some level of radiocarbon content. The purpose of this paper is to provide a statistical analysis of published results of radiocarbon measurements made on geologically ancient samples to determine whether there are any significant patterns. The results show that C-14 levels in these ancient samples appear to follow the lognormal model, which entails that their ages follow a normal curve. This implies that all of the samples are of approximately the same age and points to a single burial event for all of them. The results are consistent with a global flood catastrophe and a young age for the earth.