Time Warp I: The Permian-Triassic Boundary in the Texas Panhandle


Lyell preceded Darwin: even before organic evolution, uniformitarian deep time was attacking Christian natural history (Reed, 2000), and it has proven an even more intractable problem than evolution for a host of Chris tians ever since. Many opposed to evolution can not bring themselves to challenge the bastion of uniformitarian natural history. In fact, old-earth/young earth seems to have formed a major divide between those opposed to organic evolution. Many apparently can not conceive how a “swimming pool” of uniformitarian earth history can fit into the “tea cup” of bib li cal history, and they explicitly reject a young earth while knowingly or unknowingly rejecting the Genesis Flood in the process. Afterall, the biblical presentation of a year-long Flood and its inferred effects can find no place in the geologic column