The Philosophy of Sequence Stratigraphy Part III—Application to Sequence Stratigraphy


Much of the geologic work done by creationists in recent decades has consisted of reinterpretation of uniformitarian “data,” most of which results in an inevitable assimilation of elements of evolutionist stratigraphy. Sequence stratigraphy has the potential, according to some advocates, to allow creationists and evolutionists alike to break free of the uniformitarian straitjacket that has bound stratigraphy for more than a century. While some creationists advocate abandoning traditional terminology and methods in toto, others see this as an unjustified hindrance to research and to communication with establishment geologists. The philosophic background necessary to address this issue was established in Part I of this series. In Part II, it was applied to the methods of stratigraphy in general. In Part III, these principles are extended to sequence stratigraphy. The results of this application indicate that elements of sequence stratigraphy may have value for diluvialists, but must be applied prudently