CRSQ 1992 Volume 29, Number 1


Comments on the Fossils of Dinosaur Ridge

Edmond W. Holroyd, III

The details of the strata associated with dinosaur bones and footprints and fossil plant matter in a hogback west of Denver are indicative of rapid burial. Physical evidence for millions of years of deposition of the Morrison and Dakota formations at this location is lacking. This paper summarizes interpretations that are shared with some of the public during monthly open house tours of the site.

Hydrothermal Vents at Deep Sea Spreading Ridges: Modern-Day Fountains of the Deep?

J. San Miguel, M.S.

Deep sea hydrothermal vents associated with mid-ocean spreading ridges have implications for both creationists and evolutionists with regard to origins of terrestrial massive sulfides, geochemical flux into ocean waters, heat flow, and dating of mid-ocean rifting events.

Erosion of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River Part III--Review of the Possible Formation of Basins and and Lakes on Colorado Plateau and Different Climatic Conditions in the Past

Emmett L. Williams, Ph.D. , John R. Meyer, Ph.D., and Glen W. Wolfrom, Ph.D.

The possible formation of of basins and lakes on the Colorado Plateau is discussed. The likelihood of different climatic conditions (more precipitation) in the past is explored. All of these factors are related to a post-Flood model of the formation of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

The Biological Theory of Atavism: A History and Evaluation

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.

The history of the biological atavisms, the theory that some individual animals, including humans, at times revert back to an earlier evolutionary type, was reviewed. In the case of humans, many behavioral scientists believed that the atavism response caused persons to revert in a major way, both physically and mentally, to their animal origins. Many criminologists once adopted this theory to explain crime, and partly for this reason it influenced public opinions and official policy. The "criminal physical type" stereotype is still very much with us, even though the theory of atavism as a causative factor in criminal behavior has been empirically disproved. Examples of so-called atavism are discussed, including extra fingers, nipples, and various body abnormalities such as extreme levels of body hair. It is concluded that no known biological atavism mechanism is sufficient to account for this phenomenon. The probable causes are genetic malfunctions, hormonal problems, or diseases. The research is reviewed that shows why the concept of atavisms has today, like its relatives the vestigial and nascent organ theories, now been discarded.

Correlation of C-14 Age With Real Time

Robert H. Brown, Ph.D.

A quantitative relationship is derived by which a C-14 age may be translated into a real-time equivalent that is consistent with the chronological data given in the Bible and also with C-14 age data for historic events. Two applications of this conversion formula are given that remove anomalies in the C-14 age estimates for the lifespan of a frozen mask ox carcass from Alaska, and dung accumulation rates in a Grand Canyon cave that served as a ground sloth den.



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