Creationeering An Integrated Engineering-Business Paradigm for Technological Entrepreneurship from a Biblical Basis


M.F. Horstemeyer, A. Adebayo, M. Jantomaso, J.L. Long, S. Burgess, and A. McIntosh

Creation Research Society Quarterly 2022 58:238–261

CreationeeringTM is a new paradigm, or worldview, that integrates engineering and business practice for technological entrepreneurship from a Biblical basis. This paradigm subsumes “intelligent design” along with other engineering attributes and business practice. Furthermore, CreationeeringTM distinguishes itself from “creation science” in that the former includes the “creation process” while the latter is limited to the discovery of existing physical phenomena. The systems engineering steps of CreationeeringTM include the following: design, analysis/synthesis, procurement/making, logistics, assembly, performance/function, sustainability, and death/recycling. The business aspects include the following: human personnel, finances, legal, sales/marketing, and management. The eight steps in engineering and the five aspects of business comprise the paradigm of CreationeeringTM. God’s account of the CreationeeringTM process is presented with respect to the creation of the cosmos, and Moses’ account of the CreationeeringTM process is presented with respect to the Tabernacle. A brief history is given to explain the loss of the CreationeeringTM mandate and recovery from the Reformation and consequential industrial revolution. Finally, a modern example of the common automobile is discussed to bring clarification regarding Creationeering

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