Creation Matters 2024 Volume 29, Number 2


Evil Exists Because Love Requires a Choice

by Mark F. Horstemeyer and Feng Wang

One of the authors nephew’s three-month-old child died just before Christmas. In the same time frame, his son told him of a three-year-old girl who got a parasite in her eye that gnawed through into her brain and killed her. Recently, we heard of a nine-year-old girl who was raped, beaten, and murdered. Considering these three circumstances, the following questions were asked by our family members: How can a good, beneficent God allow these evils to happen to apparently innocent people? If there was a God, why didn’t He save these vulnerable and precious children?

Math Matters: Plants and Mathematics

by Don DeYoung, PhD

The Nov/Dec 2008 Math Matters article describes an unexpected math ability of dogs. They are observed to take the path of least time in running toward a goal, thus solving a classic calculus minimization problem.

Matters of Fact: The Global Extent of the Flood in Scripture

by Lindsay Harold, M.A.T

Couldn’t the Genesis flood have been a local or regional flood? The word erets (earth) in Hebrew, which is used in the flood account, doesn’t necessarily refer to the entire planet. It can mean just a land or region.

Apologetics Matters: Creation Research and Apologetics

by Tom Carpenter

We are living in a unique time in history, and creation science has an important role in defending the Christian faith. Understanding the nature of apologetics, along with the role of science in culture, is the key to fulfilling this role or to failing in this role. Only a biblical framework can provide the clarity and coherency necessary to show how apologetics and science work together to tackle the challenges for the gospel today.


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