Creation Matters 2023 Volume 28, Number 4


The Magnificent Mako - A Well-Engineered Shark

by Walter Heim

The mako shark is truly a magnificent creature. Historically, sharks were thought to be primitive stepping stones to more advanced fish. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this article, three aspects of this shark will be examined from an engineering design perspective.

ICC and Origins 2023 Review

by Dr. Richard Overman

The International Conference on Creationism (ICC) is the most prestigious creation conference in the world. It is held every 4-5 years and brings together the best and brightest creation scientists from around the world. According to the ICC website,1 “The mission of the ICC is to promote the development and dissemination of positive contributions to a young earth creationist model of origins and models of earth history that recognize the reality of the global Flood described in Genesis.”

Math Matters: Strings and Things

by Don DeYoung, PhD

String Theory (ST) describes the possible structure of elementary particles which make up all physical matter. The idea remains tentative and controversial since proposed by Italian physicist G. Veneziano a half century ago, in 1968.

Research Matters: Ruminants are Discontinuous with other Even-Toed Ungulates

Baraminological studies help illuminate the distinctions between the created kinds (baramins). Recent research in the eKINDS Project, a special research focus of the Creation Research Society, has been examining the ruminants (sub-order Ruminantia) as a potential apobaramin, meaning they do not share ancestry with any non-ruminants.


Praise: Generous donations have allowed the purchase of a FTIR Spectrometer for studying collagen decay as part of the iDINO Project.

Prayer: Please continue to pray that a suitable Lab Director will be found for the Van Andel Research Center.

Pray for the upcoming 2024 CRS Conference and all the planning and work that goes into it. The presenters need prayer for their research projects. CRS leadership needs wisdom as they select abstracts, make arrangements, and handle the tasks of preparation. Attendees need prayer for safe travels


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