Baraminic Placement of Homo heidelbergensis Based on Molecular Data


The consensus of creationist opinion places Homo heidelbergensis within the human holobaramin. This is based on morphological data, but what do the molecular data say? Can we build a stronger holistic case for this fossil by adding molecular data? Further evidence for the humanity of Homo heidelbergensis comes from the sequence analysis of the mitochondrial genome of several dozen primate species. Nuclear data has also been isolated from Homo heidelbergensis fossils from Sima de los Huesos. These sequencing reads and sequencing data from an archaic (“Paleolithic”) human were mapped to the genomes of modern human, Neanderthal, and chimpanzee. Based on the proportion of mapping reads and the sequence similarity of these reads when mapped to the human genome, Homo heidelbergensis can confidently be placed in the human holobaramin. Both morphological and genetic evidence additively support this conclusion.

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