A Dam Breach Unlikely for the Origin of Grand Canyon (Open Access)


The origin of the Grand Canyon is still being debated by uniformitarian and creation scientists. Two uniformitarian scientists have
recently used pieces of previous research to suggest that the Grand Canyon was finally formed when the Kaibab Plateau was breached by water
piping through limestone—a difficult task with little or no evidence.Several creation and uniformitarian scientists have recently defendedthe dam-breach hypothesis against published objections. These are reviewed, and another flaw is introduced: the absence of a huge cobble
and boulder delta at the mouth of Grand Canyon. The Bidahochi Formation is interpreted as containing Lake Hopi bottom sediments, but
most of its deposits are currently higher than its proposed elevation.
Furthermore, the lacustrine interpretation is equivocal. Problems with
the breach event are discussed. The late-Flood runoff erosion model
still seems the best explanation.