Thermodynamics and the Development of Order

Edited by Emmett L. Williams. 1981. CRS Monograph Series No. 1. Creation Research Society, 141 pages.

This volume is a definitive creationist presentation of thermodynamics in relation to the creation-evolution controversy. The topics are explored both scientifically and philosophically. Do the laws of thermodynamics prohibit evolutionary molecules-to-man development? Are there scientific barriers to postulated evolutionary improvement processes? Does a creationist interpretation fit the laws of thermodynamics better than a mechanistic approach? These questions are answered by authors Emmett Williams, George Mulfinger, Harold Armstrong, Duane Gish, David Boylan, Ralph Ancil, and Henry Morris. Other topics covered are development and stability of order, thermodynamics and evolution, fluctuations as a mechanism of ordering living systems, DNA and RNA formation, and theological implications of the laws of thermodynamics.