The Human Body: An Intelligent Design (2nd edition)

The Human Body: An Intelligent Design (2nd edition)

Alan L. Gillen, Frank J. Sherwin and Alan C. Knowles. 2001. CRS Monograph Series No. 8. Creation Research Society Books, 171 pages (8.5 x 11 format).

Expanded and updated!

Most popular books on the human body, as well as most anatomy and physiology texts, assume an evolutionary origin of man. This book is unusual in that, while it is built around widely accepted physiological themes, it provides a distinct creationist approach to the study of the human body. It challenges the reader to evaluate whether the creation or evolution model makes more sense. For the teacher or serious student of biology, it will help to develop an appreciation of the Creator's design principles and plan for the human body. The various body systems are discussed in the context of these design themes. It teaches about the biological basis for blood clotting, the immune response, recent research on split-brain studies, the physiology of flight, the body's adaptation to high altitudes, and much more. The monograph is recommended for the senior high to adult audience.

For the second edition, the text has been corrected and expanded by 8-10 pages. Several diagrams have been added, and the book has a more attractive graphic design.