Jul/Aug 2016
Volume 21, Number 4

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Post-Flood Fertilization of the Amazon Basin by Saharan Dust by Carl Froede, Jr. and Jerry Akridge

Math Matters:  Deep Tunnels and Gravity Trains by Don DeYoung

Vladimir Nabokov:  Darwin Doubter & Lepidopterist Extraordinaire by Jerry Bergman

Facades & Foundations:  The Fallacy of Historical Science by John Reed

Matters of Fact:  The Origin of Diversity by Jean Lightner

Speaking of Science:
   Let There Be Light Puzzles for Cosmologists
   Precambrian Protein Identified

   Evidence for Relativity: A Response
   Reply to Critic of Relativity
   Gravity Wave Observations: A Response
   Dr. Humphreys Responds
   LIGO Lies: A Critique of Humphreys
   Humphreys Replies to Critic: Why Geocentrists Don’t Like Relativity

All by Design:  Electric Bumblebees by Jonathan O’Quinn

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