Selected Articles, 1975 through 2012

Battlegrounds of Natural History: Actualism, by John K. Reed, Emmett L. Williams, Fall 2012, CRSQ Vol 49 No 2, pp 135-152 [PDF]

There Can only be One, Editorial by Kevin Anderson, Summer 2012, CRSQ Vol 49 No 1 pp 4, 72-77 [PDF]

A Hydrodynamic Interpretation of the Tapeats Sandstone Part I: Basal Tapeats, by W.R. Barnhart, Spring 2012, CRSQ Vol 48 No 4 pp 288-311 [PDF]

Could Magnetic Monopoles Cause Accelerated Decay?, by Bruce Oliver, Eugene Chaffin, Winter 2012, CRSQ Vol 48 No 3 pp 204-211 [PDF]

 Battlegrounds of Natural History: Naturalism, by John K. Reed, Emmett L. Williams, Fall 2011, CRSQ Vol 48 No 2 pp 147-167 [PDF]

 “Geotheory": Past and Present, by John K. Reed, Peter Klevberg, Summer 2011, CRSQ Vol 48 No 1 pp 20-32 [PDF]

 The Origin of Trees, by Tom Hennigan and Jerry Bergman, Spring 2011, CRSQ Vol 47 No 4 pp 259-270 [PDF]

 Earth's Magnetic Field Is Decaying Steadily with a Little Rhythm, by D. Russell Humphreys, Winter 2011, CRSQ Vol 47 No 3 pp 193-201 [PDF]

 The Rise and Fall of the Orthogenesis Non-Darwinian Theory of Evolution, by Jerry Bergman, Fall 2010, CRSQ Vol 47 No 2 pp 139-145 [PDF]

 Evaluation of the Ar/Ar Dating Process, by Richard L. Overman, Summer 2010, CRSQ Vol 47 No 1 pp 23-30 [PDF]

 Time Required for Sedimentation Contradicts the Evolutionary Hypothesis, by Guy Berthault, Spring 2010, CRSQ Vol 46 No 4 pp 261-269 [PDF]

 Some Implications of the Demise of the Demarcation Problem, by Tom Hogan, Winter 2010, CRSQ Vol 46 No 3 pp 167-176 [PDF]

 The Evolution of Dinosaurs: Much Conjecture, Little Evidence, by Jerry Bergman, Fall 2009, CRSQ Vol 46 No 2 pp 119-125 [PDF]

 The Universal Deluge: Alternative Hypotheses for Hardground Origins, by John Woodmorappe, Summer 2009, CRSQ Vol 46 No 1 pp 7-14 [PDF]

 Neandertal DNA and Modern Humans, by Daniel Criswell, Spring 2009, CRSQ Vol 45 No 4 pp 246-254 [PDF]

 Why the Inverted Human Retina Is a Superior Design, by Jerry Bergman and Joseph Calkins, Winter 2009, CRSQ Vol 45 No 3 pp 213-224 [PDF]

 Tides and the Creation Worldview, by Don B. DeYoung, Fall 2008, CRSQ Vol 45 No 2 pp 100-108 [PDF]

 Toppling the Timescale Part III: Madness in the Methods, by John K. Reed, Summer 2008, CRSQ Vol 45 No 1 pp 6-17 [PDF]

 A Hypercane Deposit at Little Stave Creek, by Carl R. Froede, Jr, Spring 2008, CRSQ Vol 44 No 4 pp 286-300 [PDF]

 Water Gaps in the Alaska Range, by Michael J. Oard, Winter 2008, CRSQ Vol 44 No 3 pp 180-192 [PDF]

 A Review of Stellar Remnants: Physics, Evolution, and Interpretation, by Danny R. Faulkner, Fall 2007, CRSQ Vol 44 No 2 pp 76-84 [HTML] [PDF]

 The Ultrastructure of Lichen Cells Supports Creation, not Macroevolution, by Mark H. Armitage and George F. Howe, Summer 2007, CRSQ Vol 44 No 1 pp 40-53 [HTML] [PDF]

 Polystrate Fossils Require Rapid Deposition, by Michael J. Oard and Hank Giesecke, March 2007, CRSQ Vol 43 No 4 pp 232-240 [HTML] [PDF]

 The Current Status of Baraminology, by Todd Charles Wood, December 2006, CRSQ Vol 43 No 3 pp 149-158 [HTML] [PDF]

 More Precise Calculations of the Cost of Substitution, by Walter ReMine, September 2006, CRSQ Vol 43 No 2 pp 111-120 [HTML] [PDF]

 The Specified Complexity of Retinal Imagery, by David E. Stoltzmann, June 2006, CRSQ Vol 43 No 1 pp 4-12 [HTML] [PDF]

 Body Mass Estimates and Encephalization Quotients: A Fresh Look at the Australopithecines and Homo habilis, by Patrick H. Young, March 2006, CRSQ Vol 42 No 4 pp 217-226[HTML] [PDF]

 An Initial Investigation into the Baraminology of Snakes: Order-€Squamata, Suborder Serpentes, by Tom Hennigan, December 2005, CRSQ Vol 42 No 3 pp 153-160 [HTML] [PDF]

 The Tertiary Stratigraphy Surrounding Americus, Georgia: Evidence in Support of the Young-Earth Flood Framework, by Carl R. Froede, Jr., September 2005, CRSQ Vol 42 No 2 pp 85-90[HTML] [PDF]

 Deposits Remaining from the Genesis Flood: Rim Gravels in Arizona, by Michael J. Oard and Peter Klevberg, June 2005, CRSQ Vol 42 No 1 pp 1-17[HTML] [PDF]

 Is Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics an Appropriate Example of Evolutionary Change?, by Kevin L. Anderson, March 2005, CRSQ Vol 41 No 4 pp 318-326[HTML] [PDF]

 Beyond Scientific Creationism, by John K. Reed, Peter Klevberg, Chris Bennett, Jerry Akridge, Carl R. Froede, Jr., Thomas Lott, December 2004, CRSQ Vol 41 No 3 pp 216-230[HTML] [PDF]

 Dinosaur Nests Reinterpreted, by Walter R. Barnhart, September 2004, CRSQ Vol. 41 No. 2, pp 89-102 [HTML] [PDF]

 Helium Diffusion Age of 6,000 Years Supports Accelerated Nuclear Decay, by D. Russell Humphreys, Steven A. Austin, John R. Baumgardner, and Andrew A. Snelling, June 2004, CRSQ Vol. 41 No. 1, pp 1-16 [HTML] [PDF]

 Why Mammal Body Hair Is an Evolutionary Enigma, by Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., March 2004, CRSQ Vol. 40 No. 4, pp 240-243 [HTML] [PDF]

 An Old Age for the Earth Is the Heart of Evolution, by Jonathan F. Henry, Ph.D., December 2003, CRSQ Vol. 40 No. 3, pp 164-172 [HTML] [PDF]

 The Uniformitarian Stratigraphic Column -€  Shortcut or Pitfall for Creation Geology?, by John K. Reed and Carl R. Froede Jr., September 2003, CRSQ Vol. 40 No. 2, pp 90-98[HTML] [PDF]

 La Brea Tar Pits: Evidence of a Catastrophic Flood, by William Weston, June 2003, CRSQ Vol. 40 No. 1, pp 25-33 [HTML] [PDF]

 La Brea Tar Pits: A Critique of Animal Entrapment Theories, by William Weston, December 2002, CRSQ Vol. 39 No. 3, pp 160-167

 An Evaluation of the Human Skeletal Remains and Artifacts Found in the Tomb of the Eagles on the Orkney Islands, by Lawson L. Schroeder, J.C. Campbell, and George H. Latta,September 2002, CRSQ Vol. 39 No. 2, pp 120-124

 The Earth's Magnetic Field is Still Losing Energy, by D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D, June 2002, CRSQ Vol. 39 No. 1, pp 1-11 [HTML]  [PDF (1Meg)]

 La Brea Tar Pits: An Introductory History (1769-1969), by William Weston, March 2002, CRSQ Vol. 38 No. 4, pp 174-180

 Flood Geology of the Crimean Peninsula, Part I: Tavrick Formation, by Alexander V. Lalomov, December 2001, CRSQ Vol. 38 No. 3, pp 118-124

 Scanning Electron Microscope Study of Mummified Collagen Fibers in Fossil Tyrannosaurus rex Bone by Mark Armitage, September 2001, CRSQ Vol 38 No 2 pp 61-66

 New Zuiyo Maru Cryptid Observations - Strong Indications It Was a Marine Tetrapod by John Goertzen, June 2001, CRSQ Vol 38 No 1 pp 19-29

 The Maximum-Power Stimulus Theory For Muscle by Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D., March 2001, CRSQ Vol 37 No 4 pp 213-220

 Laws of Fertility, Role of Natural Selection, and Destructiveness of Mutations by Yuri N. Ivanov, December 2000, CRSQ Vol 37 No 3 pp153-158

 A Mechanism for Accelerated Radioactive Decay by Eugene F. Chaffin PhD, June 2000, CRSQ Vol 37 No. 1

 Dark Matter by Don DeYoung, March 2000, CRSQ Vol. 36, No. 4

 Trematode Parasites: What Is Their Genesis?, by Mark H. Armitage, March 2000, CRSQ Vol 36, No. 3 pp184 - 194

 Why Abiogenesis Is Impossible by Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., March 2000, CRSQ, Vol. 36, No. 4

 Precambrian Plant Fossils and the Hakatai Shale Controversy, by Carl R. Froede, Jr., December 1999, CRSQ Vol. 36, No. 3.

 Assessing Creationist Stratigraphy with Evidence from the Gulf of Mexico by Carl R. Froede Jr., and John K. Reed, , September 1999, CRSQ Vol. 36, No. 2

 Embryology and Evolution, by Wayne Frair, September 1999, CRSQ Vol. 36, No. 2

 The Van Andel Creation Research Center - A Unique Creationist Resource by John R. Meyer, September 1999, CRSQ Vol. 36, No. 2

 ATP: The Perfect Energy Currency for the Cell by Jerry Bergman, June 1999, CRSQ Vol. 36 No. 1

 The Haymond Formation Boulder Beds, Marathon Basin, West Texas: Theories On Origins And Catastrophism by George F. Howe and Carl R. Froede Jr., June 1999, CRSQ Vol. 36, No. 1

 The Angular Size of the Moon and Other Planetary Satellites: An Argument For Design by Danny R. Faulkner, June 1998, CRSQ Vol 35 No. 1

 The Sands Of Time: A Biblical Model Of Deep Sea-Floor Sedimentation by Larry Vardiman, December 1996, CRSQ Vol. 33, No. 3

 Socrates Meets Darwin: A Study in Question Begging , by Gary Colwell, Ph.D., September 1996, CRSQ, Vol. 33, No. 2, P. 127

 Dougherty Gap: Evidence for a Turbidity Current Paeloenvironent , by Carl R. Froede, Jr., B.S., P.G., and Jack H. Cowart, M.S., P.G., March 1996, CRS, Vol. 32, No. 4

 How Do We Know What We Know? , by Lane P. Lester, Ph.D., September 1995, CRSQ Vol. 32, No. 2

 Genetics: Enemy of Evolution , by Lane P. Lester, Ph.D., March 1995, CRSQ Vol. 31, No. 4

 Stone Mountain, Georgia: A Creation Geologist's Perspective , by Carl. R. Froede, Jr., B.S., P.G., March 1995, CRSQ Vol. 31, No. 4

 The 1993 Midwest Floods and Rapid Canyon Formation , by Glen W. Wolfrom, Ph.D., September 1994, CRSQ Vol. 31, No. 2.

 The History of Life , by Lane P. Lester Ph.D., September 1994, CRSQ, Vol. 31, No. 2

 The Scientific Existence of a Higher Intelligence , by Robert A. Herrmann, Ph.D., March 1994, CRSQ Vol. 30, No. 4

 Ota Benga: The Story of the Pygmy on Display in a Zoo by Jerry Bergman, December 1993, CRSQ Vol. 30, No. 3

 The Role Of Stellar Population Types In The Discussion Of Stellar Evolutionby Danny R. Faulkner, June 1993, CRSQ Vol. 30, No. 1

 Some Biological Problems with the Natural Selection Theory by Jerry Bergman, December 1992, CRSQ Vol. 29, No. 3

 Toward A Creationist Astronomy by Danny R. Faulkner and Don B. DeYoung, December 1991, CRSQ Vol. 28 No. 3

 Is The Sun An Age Indicator? by Don B. DeYoung and David E. Rush, September 1989, CRSQ Vol. 26(2)

 More Creationist Research (14 Years), Part II: Biological Research , by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D., June 1989, CRSQ Vol. 26, No. 1

 More Creationist Research (14 years), Part Ia: Geological Research, by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D., March 1989, CRSQ Vol. 25, No. 4
... Part Ib

 The Creation of Planetary Magnetic Fields , by D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D., December 1984, CRSQ Vol. 21, No. 3

 Interdependence in Macromolecule Synthesis: Evidence for Design by Doug Sharp, June 1977, CRSQ Vol. 14, No. 1

 A Decade of Creationist Research, Part I by Duane T. Gish, Ph.D., June 1975, CRSQ Vol. 12, No. 2
... Part II

 Seed Germination, Sea Water, and Plant Survival in the Great Flood by George F Howe, Ph.D., December 1968, CRSQ Vol. 5, No. 3 [PDF]

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