God Of The Universe Watching Over The Earth


God Of The Universe Watching Over The Earth

Oscar L. Brauer, Ph.D.
The theory of Evolution was tolerated by most people as long as it was taught as a theory. Now that evolution is taught as fact, as is the case in so many high schools and colleges today, it is a source of downgrading of God and denial of evidences of His existence. Fulfilled prophecy, dimensions of the universe, the very existence of matter, changing theories of cosmology, orderliness and design, and the impossibility of chance as an explanation are all reviewed. Those who would interpret the Bible liberally are saying that, if God's Word does not agree with current scientific theories, they will have to make it fit the theories. Why not change the theories to fit God's Word?

A Study Of Moss And Miniature Roses

Ralph S. Moore
Successful development of everblooming moss roses after many years of painstaking work has afforded an excellent example of progress in rose breeding. Yet, the result is not due to slow accumulations of minute differences which might be expected according to evolutionary theory. Evidently nothing new has been added, only changes in the DNA message that allow different expressions of already existing genetic material. Based on findings involving moss roses, new conclusions are possible in explaining the appearance of miniature roses. Miniature roses, or any new roses, are really no more than the "old" gene material in a different combination.

Reinterpretation Of Facts Behind The Theory Of Evolution

Warren R. Howard
Variations among organisms within a particular kind do not lead to the formation of new kinds or alter God's design that organisms reproduce "after their kind." So-called evidence for the theory of evolution is merely persuasive or circumstantial, and can be used to support the Genesis account as well as the theory of evolution. All that is really known is that organisms vary markedly due to changes in genetic make-up and due to interactions with the environment. God has designed the living world of different types of organisms to survive by adapting to changes in conditions.

A Cosmological Development

Peter A. Steveson
A major developer of the steady-state theory, Prof. Fred Hoyle, has reversed his position. He has announced that he has discarded this widely known cosmological formulation. Such a change in the thinking of a leading astronomer is relatively unimportant to the fundamental Christian. Yet, it is another evidence that modern science is imperfect and limited severely in the area of cosmology. Cosmological speculations, as such, are not anti-Christian; however, cosmology must contain a truly Biblical cosmogony to be acceptable to the Christian.