CRSQ 1979 Volume 16, Number 3


Does An Embryo Climb Its Tree?

William J. Tinkle, Ph.D.

The notion of recapitulation by a developing embryo has been soundly discredited for years. Indeed, even when it was in favor it was maintained only by ignoring contrary evidence, and even by outright forgery of evidence. But still the notion reappears now and then, chiefly in text-books, or semi-popular writings, the readers of which are not in a good position to learn the truth from other sources. Thus, it seems worth while to point out once more that the notion is a completely false one, and is not held by knowledgeable biologists themselves.

Drumlins And Diluvial Currents

Douglas E. Cox

An explanation for the origin of drumlins has not been discovered in the context of glacial theory, yet many people assume they were formed by ice movement. In this article, it is proposed that drumlins can be more readily explained in terms of fluvial action. Streamlining of sediments would result from currents of flood waters generated by the uplifts of the earth's crust at the end of the flood. The internal composition of the drumlins can be explained by the disintegration of rock upon the release of pressure, which resulted in drumlins of varying composition in drumlin fields.

Can The Canopy Hold Water?

Glenn R. Morton

Calculations of the surface temperature of the Earth with a water vapor canopy, under the assumption of radiative equilibrium, yield temperatures too high for life to exist. Moreover, when the results about radiation are combined with the barometric law, only certain solutions to the physical description of the canopy are found to be possible for a given set of assumptions; and those solutions generally lead to impossible environmental conditions or else do not fulfill the purpose for which the canopy was proposed. It appears that some new thinking about the antediluvian climate, and the cause of the Flood, is due.

Scripture Does Not Rule Out A Vapor Canopy

Joseph C. Dillow, Th.D.

Although the subject of the vapor canopy has not been discussed for years, some creationists remain unconvinced of its existence for both scientific and Scriptural reasons. This article is an attempt to refute two common objections from Scripture which opponents of the vapor canopy have frequently used: Genesis 1:14-17 and Psalm 148:1-10.

Expansion Of The Universe: A Study Of The Initial Conditions

G. Russell Akridge, Ph.D.

The big bang model of the universe, frequently alleged to prove that the universe is billions of years old, is examined using first classical Newtonian mechanics and then general relativity. The model is, in fact, found to be incapable of determining the age of the universe, and does not prove the age usually associated with the model. A recent Creation is just as consistent with the laws of physics of the model as the big bang followed by vast times needed for evolution. A modified Hubble's law is thus derived. This modified Hubble's law shows, among other things, that the quasars, for instance, are not as distant as previously believed. This reduction in the distance to quasars should aid the understanding of the energy which they radiate.



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