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Scanning Electron Microscope

The newly installed International Scientific Instruments ISI-60 scanning electron microscope is particularly suited for research and documentation in the biological, zoological and geological fields of study. Many other fields could be enhanced by the use of this instrument. It was installed on July 19, 1999 and first photos were taken on July 20, 1999.

CRS - Scanning Electron Microscope Photos

The following index is for the first set of calibration photos that were shot on July 20, 1999. While the specimens were not prepared in any sophisticated manner, they demonstrate the marvel of God’s creation. This new instrument, in the arsenal of the Van Andel Creation Research Center, at Chino Valley, will provide primary and supplemental research capabilities to the CRS community. Interested researchers should contact the Van Andel Creation Research Center to discuss future projects.

These images were not optimized for contrast and brightness, and balance to the film used to document the photo process. Color negative film was used, and then the images were commercially printed at a 1 hour photo processor. Selected prints were then scanned on a flatbed scanner as .jpg greyscale images

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