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Field Trip Photo Album

Bob Marshall - Montana - August 1998


This is how it all started out!

Lunch on the trail.

Camp at Hollaway. Cook tent on left, bunk-tent on right. Note the "mannies" near the tree, which are used to carry supplies and "dude" belongings.

SoQuiet location for solitude near the camp.

Mick Cheff shows how to set a fly.

And this is how to catch rainbow trout.

Dr. John Meyer hooked a big one!

Heading to the top.

A rider relaxes, "on the edge".

The Chinese Wall. This marks one part of the continental divide in the Montana Rockies.

View east from the Chinese Wall.

View west from the Chinese Wall.

A sinkhole found in the highly fractured zone of the basin area. Are these sinkholes slow, dissolution features, or catastrophic erosion features?

The wall above the campsite.

Wildlife, such as this deer, are abundant in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Back on the trail. Long rides, up to 6 hours per day, require some good physical conditioning.

A view of Loon Lake from the cirque wall.

Picturesque Loon Lake on a quiet morning.

Excellent meals are cooked by the Cheffs and enjoyed by all.


Superstition Mountains - Arizona - March

Cactus, canyonlands and warm weather in March.

Weaver's Needle view.



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