For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them...

Selected SEM Images

The eye of a fly.

A closeup of the bloom on an AZ cactus.

The spray nozzles of the Bombardier Beetle from which the explosively hot spray is directed.


Moss sporophyte peristomes.


The unprocessed top surface of a liverwort plant (Marcantia).

A TEM picture of the cross section on the egg wall of the CA grunion – a world first.
10,000X power.

The surface hairs of the Devil’s claw growing at VACRC. These were unprocessed specimens shot on a new Hitachi “variable pressure” microscope.

A light micrograph of a thin section through a lichen thallus.

A light micrograph of AZ freshwater diatoms with brilliant natural color.

Micrographs of various diatoms.

A light micrograph of the vertical horns or sporophytes of a local CA hornwort.

Light micrographs of thin sections through the light emitting tissues of the firefly Photinus.

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