Premium Area Help

I can't login to the Premium Area

Note that your password is case-sensitive. If you are still having problems, be sure you are using the correct username and password on file by retrieving these here (if you remember either your username, or the email address you signed up with, this page will retrieve your username & password and send it to the email record on file).

Have you registered? Access to the Premium Area requires a manual registration process; it does not automatically occur after you purchase a membership through the store (the Premium Area account is separate from any store account you may have created). To register for the Premium Area, please click here.

Premium Area login is different than the online store login. Each are completely separate entities that require their own username/password. Be sure you are not attempting to login to the Premium Area using your store account username/password.

The security settings of your browser may be either corrupted or set too high. If you have Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options, then the Security tab. Select the 'Custom Level' button toward the bottom, then hit 'reset' ( this will set you to the default level, which is either 'medium' or 'medium-high', depending on your browser version). This typically solves the problem, but if not, set the security level for both 'internet' and 'local intranet' to the lowest setting (typically 'medium' for 'internet', and 'low' for 'local intranet').

After logging in, I can't browse the Premium Area (I can't open links, and/or open the Adobe (PDF) files)

Be sure you are running at least Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or later. You can download the latest Adobe reader here.

Try the browser security setting changes described above in the ' I can't login to the Premium Area' section.

Still having problems?

If you are still having problems, please contact us at Please provide the following information:

Browser type and version (ie Internet Explorer 6.0).
Precise details of the problem. Screenshots are especially useful (you can capture your desktop screen by hitting CTRL-PrintScreen, then CTRL-V within the email (your email should be set to RichText or HTML format).