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Footnote 1 - This article will not cover the evolutionary explanation for the origin of life or how theistic evolutionists might interpret these Precambrian fossils. Rather, this article will focus on the extreme age of these plant fossils as they occur within the global uniformitarian stratigraphic column, and their relevance to the young-earth Flood model.

Footnote 2 - Note that some Precambrian fossils are found within very low-grade metamorphic rocks which were originally sedimentary deposits that experienced burial and subsequent alteration. Their alteration, however, did not completely destroy all evidences of the plant material within the strata.

Footnote 3 - These models place a Flood/pre-Flood boundary at the base of the Paleozoic, strongly implying the absence of fossils in older rocks formed during the Creation Week - see Froede and Reed, 1999.

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